Comic Seven – It Sânde Stripferhaal

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[huh-VAHr, UHn hEEL-uh fuh-OH-uh-ring!] – Behold, a total change!

[UHt nIGH-uh kAWp-suhl MAWt EHf-kuhs VEHn-nuh…] – The new hairstyle will take a bit of time to get used to… (Frisian moat means “must”)

[IHk fEEn UHt VOHL LOHk!] – I like it a lot!

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[ver-rAWM FLAWkhst dIGH UHn frIHs-suhl EEn UHt hEEr?]  – Why are you wearing your hair in a braid? (“Why do you plait a braid in your hair?”) [OH BLIHn-duhr! IHk MAWt FWAWRT!] – Curses! I must go!

 [PAH-kuh?]– Grandfather?

[UHt spEEt mIGH TEE-guh!]– I am very sorry!

Really, Anke’s hair is fine. It’s just shorter now. However, grandfather was imaging the worst.


Comic Six – It Seisde Stripferhaal

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[shAWkh NIGH duh LAWFt! UHn RIGHN-BAWg!] – Look at the sky! A rainbow! [dEHr FWAHr-meht UHn twAH-duh bAWg-guh bOO-tuhn duh EER-stuh!] – There a second bow is forming outside the first!
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[EEn duh RIGHN-BAWg-guhn sIHT-tuh UHn SOHt  KLER-ruhn]  – There are many colors in the rainbow. (literally: “In the rainbows sit a lot colors.”)

[rEE-uht, oh-RIGH-yuh, EHn GEEL…] – Red, orange, and yellow…

[grEEn, BLOW, EHn pEHs.] – …green, blue and purple. (Note: the –r– in Frisian sometimes goes silent as we see here).

[tWAH TEE-guh bIGH-SOON-der-uh RIGHN-BAWg-guhn!]– Two very special rainbows! (Bysûnder is a useful word that can mean “special,” “extraordinary,” “remarkable,” or “wonderful.”)


Comic Five – It Fyfde Stripferhaal

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[shAWkh rIHs! dEHr gEEt duh DREEs-tuh hELt uh-LEEN-uh AWP uh FIGH-yawn LAWS!] – Look! There goes the brave hero alone against the enemy (loose)! [FWAWR-oot!] – Forward!
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[IHk HAH UHn ee-DAY!] – I have an idea! [ver-rAWM IHs POOS-kuh SAH LIHLk AWP mIGH?] – Why is pussycat so angry at me?

Comic Two – It Twadde Stripferhaal

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[DAWT IHs mEEN BROO-uhr REEN-kuh.] – This is my brother, Rinke.

[DAWT BIHN-nuh OOs AHL-duhrs. HIGHT EHn MEHm BIHN-nuh BEH-nuh EEn FREES-lawn.] – These are our parents (elders). Father and mother were born in Friesland.

[NOH SAH!] – It is so! (literally: “now so!”)

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[DAWT IHs mEEN MAWN shYOOrt.] – This is my husband, Sjoerd.

[mEEN FROW SEET-skuh!] – My wife, Sytske!

[VIGH HAH uhN dAWkh-tuhr AWN-kuh.] – We have a daughter, Anke.